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Sustainable Street-wear solely dedicated to making you feel as authentic as possible.

MIsteke Logo
Misteke logo

Our Mission

At Misteke, we are solely dedicated to making you feel as unique and authentic as possible. We implement sustainability by using fabrics that have sustainable qualities or mostly plant base, hand-making each item and having items made to order, and by recycling materials and using recycled material.

Meet The CEO

Misteke Harton

Born and raised in Gary, IN, Misteke first fell in love with fashion as a child. Knowing how to draw and constantly giving weekly fashion advice to friends, she realized her love for fashion in high-school she took it upon herself to start designing. As most do, she went straight to YouTube and started DIY'ing until she felt confident enough to start sewing (which her grandmother assisted with). After high-school, she did 5 semesters of design school before leaving to give birth to her first born child. Then, 11 months later, her second child. Life has always been non-traditional for her and she uses that to push limits, break barriers, and stay motivated, especially with her design work. Her road down entrepreneurship hasn't always been a straight path, but its one she walks down with with love, excitement, and no regrets.

This is a self portrait of the CEO Misteke Harton
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